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We’re Back!!!

Written by Patty. Posted in Blog

Starting this weekend we will be back at the Old Town Farmers Market in Scottsdale as well as the Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market. We also just started this past Sunday down at the Ahwatukee Farmers Market. Besides some pretty amazing cold pressed juice if I say so myself, there are so many amazing and delicious offerings down at these farmers markets. Stop by to see Diann at the Truce Cleaning Products booth. You will find sustainable and ecologically friendly cleaning products that are helping to offset the chemical laden products that saturate the standard markets. You can find Diann over at the Phoenix Market on Saturday or the Ahwatukee market on Sunday. Or say hello to Mike over at South West Herbs, where “there is literally an herb for everything!” Mike with his dry and profound wisdom (and SW Herbs) are located at the Scottsdale Market as well as the Ahwatukee Market. Or one of my new favorites, 84 year old Ray from Raimondo’s out of the Ahwatukee Market. Ray brings some of that NY/NJ Italian old neighborhood charm as he happily dishes up some AWESOME gluten free italian favorites such as vegetable lasagna and eggplant rollatini. Molto Delizioso!!!

We love the farmers markets as its a chance for us to get out and meet so many wonderful people and to interact and get feedback on our products as well as educate those who are interested in learning. We also love the markets because we get to know some amazing people who are running the neighboring booths as well as stuff our faces on some really delicious and tasty items. Maybe that last part is just me.

So come on out and catch us at the three options over the weekends.




Old Town Scottsdale Market- at the City parking facility at the corner of Brown and 1st Street In the Old Town area. (Next to the Carraige House) 8am to 1pm

Downtown Phoenix Public Market- 14 E Pierce Street in Phoenix 8am to 1pm



Ahwatukee Farmers Market -4700 East Warner Road, Phoenix, Az 85044 (just west of 48th St.=Ahwatukee Community Swim and Tennis Center parking lot) 9am to 1pm

We look forward to seeing you there. We have some new juices to check out such as Involution and Apple Pie. We’ll see you there!



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Today I want to talk to you about Nourishment. Probably not the nourishment that you think I would normally discuss. If you are reading this than I am sure at some point you may have been down to one of the farmers market to talk to either Patty, Kelly, Katie, Taylor or myself. We offer up information on nourishing your body whenever someone wants to discuss it, or in my case, if the person has a pulse and two ears. We obviously believe in the product that we sell. We drink it religiously ourselves and we feel so amazing when we nourish our bodies with our own juice as well as the many healthy things we choose to put into our body. We all believe nourishing our bodies are key to our health and to the quality of our time while we are here.


The nourishment that I intend to talk to you about today is the nourishment of one’s soul. I JUST got back…minutes ago literally from Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon. Taylor and I took a road trip to go and get some fresh spring water off of 89A. While we were up there we stopped at this “hidden’ pool of water next to some cliffs. The water was freezing cold but it was so exhilerating. We had some fun and silly discussions with some wonderfully pleasant people and laughed with their children. It was beautiful.

We then went to fill our jugs at the natural spring. We patiently waited in line while jumping up and down inside. If you know us, this is very exciting. To reach out to Mother Nature and lovingly accept her gifts. We both dunked our heads in the water. We drank direct from the spicket. We smiled and interacted with the other people who were enthusiastic for the same reasons.  We felt so peaceful and grounded after. This water that is thousands of years old is literally one of the most precious items on this earth.


Then we headed back to Sedona and went to Chocolatree. A wonderful little vegan cafe that has the most welcoming atmosphere and the most amazing chocolate desserts made with raw cacao and many other superfoods. We swang in the hammocks outside waiting for our food. We excitedly accepted our meals and shared them freely. There was a duo performing on a guitar and bongos and the experience was…wait for it…..nourishing!!! This is how I nourish my soul. I connect with nature. I connect with the green trees and grass. I connect with the waters in nature. The spring water and the refreshing pool of water we swam in. I connect with the amazing copilot on our trip. I connect with the many amazing friendly people and their warm smiles on a hot day. This is how I nourish my soul.


Yesterday Kelly and I made a delivery to one of our beautiful customers and his wonderful family. 3 amazingly beautiful children that spend quality time with us. Such a touching and fun experience. When we got there he was playing the guitar. He was much better than I think we both imagined he would be. He actually came out and played for us and sang his 3rd favorite song of all time. It was touching to watch him play. He poured his heart and soul into his music, sharing the experience just for us. During this performance I could see that this was one way he nourished his soul. I asked him after if he found his music nourishing. I know he answered me with words, but he didnt need to say anything. It was clear the answer was yes.

So many of us are running here and there, juggling our responsibilities of work, family, finances, school, etc. Stress depletes us. We have gotten so used to stress being a part of our daily lives yet stress honestly takes a bigger toll on us than we imagine. Allow yourself to do something that nourishes your soul. Your body will thank you for it by being able to adapt to stress better and even thrive in the moments in between and during stress. You deserve to do something that makes your soul sing. This world will produce a beautiful chorus if we all allow our souls to sing their own song. Could you imagine a world with less stress in it and healthy people walking around nourished from their tummies to their soul? I can! This is why I ask you to reconsider the prospect of nourshing your soul as well as your body.

Nourishing your soul…it does a body good!


The Most Commonly Asked Question is………?

Written by Patty. Posted in Blog

The most common question I get at the market by far is how should I drink the juice? Then immediately all the other mini questions follow. Do I drink it all in one shot? Am I to split this up throughout the day? What will happen to me when I drink this?
The answer to the first question and the following questions are the same. It all depends on YOU! It depends on your metabolism. It depends on the your nutritional habits walking into your experience with our juice. It depends on your body chemistry. There are many factors that come into play yet there is one major similarity that is factored into the answer. The one thing we all have in common is that we are all different. We are the same yet different and that is what makes us all so uniquely beautiful.
I offer up to everyone who asks and to some who don’t the following. Start slow. Take a few sips. See how you feel. I often discourage people from suddenly chugging the juice until they have a better understanding of how the juice reacts in their system. For most it seems they have a feeling of “Wow…this feels good!” For some there is that huge burst of energy from your body suddenly and lovingly being bathed internally with large amounts of nourishment. Your body will completely take that right in and happily so. Some people may have a detox reaction. If you have a fast metabolism and normally are running off to the facilities within a few minutes of eating, you may have that same experience after drinking the juice.
As I mentioned, the only true answer is…it all depends on YOU!  So please. Take that moment to enjoy that first sip or two. Swish the juice around your mouth. Allow the digestive enzymes in your mouth start the process of delivering the nutrients swiftly into your system. Nutrients delivered sublingually (under the tongue) will have the benefit of instant uptake into your system as opposed to the harsher climate of your GI tract. That will work as well yet why not take advantage of the instant uptake at least for a sip or two. Then see how you feel.
After you get reacquainted with your body and how it feels about the juice then there are plenty of options. Since there are roughly 5+ pounds of fruit and veggies in each 16 ounce bottle of juice feel free to drink a bottle in one sitting or maybe sip on a bottle throughout the day and in the meantime you will be spreading out those nutrients all day long. Could you imagine just how much healthier we all would be if we ate 5 pounds of veggies and fruit each day. So even a sip or two here and there throughout the day is adding amazing nutrition into your daily regimen. Mom always said “Eat your Vegetables”. Now you can drink them too!
Let us know what works best for you. We always love to hear feedback from everyone!!! Enjoy your week and remember to stay cool and keep hydrated with plenty of clean water as well. For the most amazing water, check out this website WWW.Findaspring.com We are lucky enough to have an amazing spring right here in Oak Creek Canyon between Sedona and Flagstaff. Between some cold pressed juice and fresh springwater, I can’t imagine anything else more nourishing to put into your body.
I would like to take a moment to wish two people who we love and adore very much, many wonderful blessings as they move forward in their journeys.
Many of you who have frequented the Old Town Scottsdale Market know Katie. Katie is one of Juice Core’s owners and she is the beautiful soul with flowing red hair and always present with a loving smile. Katie is taking some time off as she visits Europe, living a life we all dream of. We miss her on this side of the pond and we look forward to her return. Like a breath of fresh air, she is and has always been a joy to experience. Have fun Katie!!! We love and miss you all ready.
We are also saying goodbye to one of Juice Core’s original friends Sarah J. Sarah has been here in Arizona for the past few years making an incredible impression upon so many of us as well as literally being part of the family. She was a supporter of Juice Core in the very early infancy stages helping work on many of the recipes you enjoy today. Sarah is moving back to Germany in what appers to be a permanent move. With loving hearts we send you off back home a much different person than you arrived. We know your journey is far from complete, yet we are thankful for the times we walked along with you side by side. Many blessings and much more love. Congratulations and we’ll miss you.
We intend to see you all (minus Katie and Sarah) this weekend at both the Old Town Scottsdale Market and the Phoenix Farmers Market. Scottsdale starts at 7 AM for your early heat avoiding risers and the Phoenix Market has Water Misters. A little like an oasis in the desert. Choose your option! Have a great week.
Enjoy in great health and nourishment,


Written by Patty. Posted in Blog

I was discussing a documentary on nutrition through email with a coworker this past week. He made a comment about the lack of awareness people have on health and if they only knew the truth then how much of an impact that would have on the nation’s health and how that would greatly impact the future of healthcare from a prevention standpoint. When I read his statement, the word awareness sprung to life. Awareness!

  When I think of nutrition I feel one of the first steps is becoming aware. It’s so easy to just grab everything and anything and eat or drink it. Food or “food like products” are everywhere you turn. Have you brought awareness into your world of food?

  I became aware a few years back. I always felt I was somewhat healthy. I paid attention to how much fat and calories were in the foods I ate. I was relatively healthy or what I perceived as healthy. The more I learned about nutrition, the more I learned about myself. I truly became aware of what made up the foods I ate or drank, and more importantly I became aware of how I felt before, during and after ingesting something.  That to me is what is so special about bringing awareness into your life and in this case into your “food life”. I was never aware that gluten didn’t agree with me and had me bloated, my skin dry and cracked in spots. Once I became aware of what gluten can do, I decided to take it out of my diet and I was overwhelmed at how my body responded to this new awareness. I lost over 20 pounds very quickly. My skin cleared up. I felt so much better. I stopped being sluggish after eating. This “experiment” sprung me into becoming much more aware of what was going into my body. I started to read labels. I started to look up ingredients I could barely pronounce and made sweeping changes to a simple diet of more whole foods and less processed foods. My body has responded very quickly and strongly to these changes. I feel better than I have in years.

  I kindly offer up to you bring some awareness into your life with the foods that you eat. Be aware of how you feel before you eat. Be aware of how you feel during eating and definitely be aware of how you feel after you finished eating or drinking. We all have different make ups to what foods work best for us. While we all are very similar, we all are very different as well. Therefore with some knowledge you may become very aware of what may be best for YOU!

  This goes for our juice as well. Please do not take our word for it. Be aware of how you feel as you are drinking it. Be aware of how you feel as you finish the bottle and definitely please be aware of how you feel within 10-15 minutes after you drink the juice. This is the factor that should determine your decision. We have had many people come by for samples and then smile and leave only to come back 30 minutes later telling us how amazing they feel. That awareness is incredibly beautiful for us to witness. They gave their body some serious nutrition and their bodies responded. There is power in knowing that you can choose something that makes you feel amazing. The decision truly lies with you. We appreciate the fact we may at times be part of your choice in health and vitality. We believe in our product more and more every day. It’s beautiful to see many of you starting to believe as well. Thank you for allowing us on your journey to health.

Just a reminder that we will only be at the Old Town Scottsdale Farmers Market this Saturday May 26th. Patty and I look forward to seeing you there.

Blessings of health and tasty good things,


Thank you for today!

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Today is the day. The day it is all worth it. All the hard work that everyone puts in: from the ordering, to the time in the kitchen juicing, to the delivering, to the marketing, the day to day minutia of running an up and coming business. This is the day where we get to interact with YOU.

Every single interaction at our booths at either the Old Town Scottsdale Farmers Market or the Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market is a joy. This is the one day where every single member of our team agrees that it is all worth it. I can only stress enough how much we all enjoy interacting with everyone. The thing is we all believe in our product. We believe in the taste of the juice. We believe in the nutrition that is being offered and we agree that there is a higher consciousness being offered by delivering something in the purest natural state, fresh from the Earth. We believe in our product more and more every day. A huge part of that is the interactions that we have when someone tries our juice for the first time and you see the moment where it all makes sense to them.  Or when someone who tried it for the first time the previous week comes briskly walking up to the booth with an excitement in their eyes to make sure they got to us in time before we sold out. This is an amazing feeling to be part of something so beautiful. To know that you are a part of something that you truly believe in that is so well received and appreciated by those on the receiving end that each interaction gives you goose bumps. Its Phoenix in the spring. Its 95 degrees plus out and I still get chills each and every time.

I absolutely love the day at the market. I love to talk to everyone about the juice and nutrition in general. To be able to offer some input and or an explanation of what the juice is capable of doing and for it to be so well received by people who are either enjoying the taste of the juice or looking to improve their lives by nutrition and actually by both. Thank you for your role. Thank you for your business. Thank you for each interaction that drives us forward. I know that I appreciate you. I know the entire team appreciates you. The Juice Core team loves this day. Again, it is the day that we all can agree that makes all the hard work worth it.

Intending that we will see you at either the Phoenix Downtown Market or the Old Town Scottsdale Market this fine Saturday morning (8am to 1pm). We wish you blessings of health and nutrition…as well as happy taste buds.

See you there!


Join us at the Downtown Phoenix & Scottsdale Farmer’s Market

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So… for all you freaky little fresh organic raw juice lovers…we will be at the Downtown Phoenix Open Market and the Scottsdale Old Town Farmers Market  this weekend! 8 AM – NOON with 7 different juices. Crazy yum.

The Downtown Phoenix Open Market is located at 14 East Pierce Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004.

The Scottsdale Old Town Market is located on the corner of Brown and 1st Street in Scottsdale Old Town.

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