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Handcrafted + Small Batch

Organic Cold Pressed Juices

Stay Organic - Live With Love

We are 100 % organic

Juice is our Craft

Our juices are raw, living foods filled with vitamins, minerals, and active enzymes. Gently cold pressed on an industrial cold press machine, our juices are handcrafted in small batches with healing and wellness in mind. Enjoy each sip knowing your body,  mind, and spirit are being nourished and supported. We add unique affirmations to our labels to raise the vibration of our juices. Our people are passionate about this lifestyle so intentions are aligned, life long bonds are forged, and an authentically enjoyable environment is created. The vibe at Juice Core is simply one of a kind.  


And...we are excited to announce our thoughtfully crafted organic & cold pressed juices have made us the Best Juice Bar in the Valley for the 5th year runningThank you for the support!

"I just tried your Sweet Dreams juice - and WOW! It calmed my anxiety down within minutes 🙌 I have struggled with anxiety for years and haven't found anything that works this well! Thank you 🙏"

Amanda G.

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