Our Story and Our Mission

   Cold Pressing Since 2011   

Cold Pressed juice is starting to become more known, and it's incredibly rewarding to see it getting the appreciation it deserves. Many juice bars use centrifugal or masticating countertop juicers to make juices on the spot for their customers, which is wonderful, but it can destroy delicate nutrients and vitamins such as Vitamin C. Cold pressing juices on an industrial cold press machine allows us to craft our juices in small batches, making roughly 20 bottles at a time, and it ensures you are getting the most nutrition possible in your juices. Not only is a cold pressed juice higher in nutrients compared to other methods, it is also more sustainable. Very little produce is wasted, as our machine uses several tons of pressure to press the juice from the pulp. We also compost our pulp to help reduce our footprint. 

It takes us roughly 7-10 hours of labor to complete our juices each day. We thoroughly wash our produce, first soaking it in an apple cider vinegar and water solution to remove bugs, bacteria, dirt, mold, and fungus that is always possibly present on produce. It is rinsed in fresh water, weighed, and chilled before it is juiced. Our cold press machine weighs over 200 pounds and is over 6 feet tall, so it's quite a heavy duty machine capable of producing upwards of 2 gallons of juice per batch. It's a laborious but rewarding process to see fresh greens, fruits, and vegetables turn into these beautiful bottled juices. Each bottle contains somewhere between 1 and 3 pounds of produce, depending on the recipe. 


A Few Words of Encouragement...

This is a personal note from me, Amber (the owner and operator of Juice Core), to you, to express my gratitude that Juice Core has survived some of the craziest, most difficult times because of your support. Thank you simply doesn't encompass the appreciation I feel to this community of incredible people! Whether you're one of our stellar regulars who lights up or shop daily or it's your first time in, we're so happy to be able to serve you and you are always welcome here. We have an amazing team of people who put in long days to make our juices fresh and keep our delicious food items in stock. It takes so much dedication, focus, and passion to keep this little place open and running and our team is unlike any you'll find just about anywhere else. They are truly setting the bar high for our future team members. 

I have personally been through my own health challenges, which I was able to recover from because I found a nutritionist that helped me change my lifestyle in incremental steps. It goes so much further beyond the foods we eat, but that was the place my journey began. Organic juices and smoothies gave me my life back, and it is so humbling and fulfilling to now be paying it forward by creating these healing tonics each day to serve to you. This is the main reason why I stick to 100% organic ingredients, and steer clear of preservatives, chemicals, and refined sugars; and I incorporate as many gluten free and vegan options as possible in our menu. Clean eating gave me a renewed chance at life, allowing me to heal so I can care for my family and my community. I am humbled and in constant awe at the power of fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Juice Core is one of the greatest teachers in my life (second only to motherhood!) and I am so excited for all it has taught me and all I still have to learn. Thank you for being a part of this journey and I sincerely hope you enjoy your time at Juice Core as much as I do!

With so much Love,