100% RAW



WHAT MAKES US different?

Juice bars are everywhere, and gaining in popularity! Which is truly great news to us - the more healthy options that people have to eat from, the better. I am always grateful to find a little juice bar when I'm traveling, because they offer healthier food that is better for my family and me than many other options around. 

Juice Core has a lot in common with many other juice bars. We have cleanses, smoothies, a variety of delicious juices, avocado toasts, salads, protein bites, and other various snacks. But there are a few things that set us apart - and ahead - of many others.






The most important thing I can tell you about our juices is that they are TRULY raw; no pasteurization, no HPP, and no added preservatives. Many juice bars claim to be raw, they may even have a raw certification, but they High Pressure Pasteurize (HPP) their juices to extend the shelf life. Cold pressed juices lose their nutritional value after about 3-4 days, so to us, it didn't make sense to bother with altering the juices just so we can sell them for longer. Our mission is to help others heal, and processing our juices does align with that goal. 

We are also 100% organic. Every single ingredient is organic, from the salt we sprinkle on our avo toast to the produce in our juices. If we can't find an ingredient that's organic, we don't use it. The reason being that cold pressing produce concentrates the nutrients and vitamins within the produce, condensing it down into the juice. If you are using conventional produce to make juice, it will also concentrate any pesticides or chemicals that were sprayed on the produce, undermining the healing benefits of the juice. The bottom line is that organic is cleaner than conventional.